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Detopsy Engineering Is A Trailblazing Engineering Company With A String of Engineering Innovations and Solutions.

We Are Detopsy Engineering

Detopsy Engineering Ltd is focused on deploying its vast skills to fabricating local engineering solutions tailored to suit the Nigerian environment and ecosystem, even while maintaining global standards. We operate nationwide, serving our clients in various sectors, from the power sector, oil, and gas, construction companies to residential buildings.
Our expertise is highly scaled, made possible by our exceptionally trained and motivated in-house engineers, thereby giving us the undue advantage of expanding and dominating several niches of the engineering services – from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering designs, and engineering procurement. Our expert execution of projects ensured we enjoy customer loyalty, 90-100% client retention rate and repeat patronage.

How Detopsy Engineering Work...

Appreciating the views of customers and architects, our engineering projects meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and aesthetic appearance. Each project is unique and requires a deep study, for this purpose we use modern methods of 3D analysis (Revit, Navisworks, etc) and high-performance solutions. We have a successful collaboration with native & foreign clients and many happy customers nationwide.

Our Working Process









Detopsy Engineering Principles

With so many new products coming on the market every year, engineering companies need to innovate and provide their customers with superior value continuously. That’s why they need to have more adaptive processes that allow them to change direction efficiently when necessary. Otherwise, they risk becoming uncompetitive on the market.

At Detopsy Engineering, we apply the agile process known as rapid prototyping, and nowadays, it has become possible with the introduction of new technologies such as 3D Printing. This process speeds up our delivery of value and allows our team to reflect on any changes in the Design phase, well before the production has begun.

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